Universal Payment Platform

Simplify your cross-border payments

Bank payments, Mobile wallets, Card payments… which to focus? What about a Unified Payment Platform so that you can handle everything at once? Now you don’t have to worry about the medium of transactions! With our Universal Payment Platform, you are getting a Unified Payment platform that let you accept and disburse payments from all around the world.
We present you an absolute cross-border payment processing, without the expense of making multiple international bank payments, enabling global payment disbursement and acceptance seamlessly.

Our Features


Industry Messaging Standards (ISO20022, SWIFT MT Messaging)


Comprehensive Remittance Data

Payment alerts and notifications

Payment Exceptions Management

Automated Transaction Compliance Screening (AML/OFAC/PEP)

Built-in FX Rates and Order Management

Payment Reconciliation Reports

Single and Batch Transaction Management

Real-time Transaction Status


Network Management

Our Value

Faster Onboarding

Reduce costs

Eliminate Risk

Improve transparency and efficiency

New Revenue opportunities