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Build better customer experience with a unified customer engagement platform

Our unified communication platform is a SaaS solution that helps businesses optimize, personalize, and contextualize customers’ experience digitally, in real-time, on any channel.
It empowers marketers, customer service agents, and business leaders to transform the complete customer journey. It offers a way to manage and drive immediate engagement, in turn, helping revenue generation without ever having to rely on IT.


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Business capabilities of the unified customer engagement platform

Millennium’s unified customer engagement platform serves as a proprietary solution. It improves both the agent & customer experience. The platform offers the following capabilities

  • Target based on past interactions, customer journey, real-time intent, location, and so on
  • Know about the time spent, collect feedback to improve the product
  • Persuade abandoning visitors with personalized content and recommendations
  • Interact as per the channel of customer’s choice
  • Adapt to user intent and make compelling real-time recommendations across touch points
  • Seamless omni-channel experience

Technical capabilities of the unified customer engagement platform

  • AI, social media integration, CRM integration, and Mobile app integration (iOS and Android), mobile and web and any other key application you are using 
  • Omni-channel integration (audio or video chat, SMS, co-browse, and screen Share) and Multiparty chat
  • Chatbot, NLP, AI, voice call, SIP, feedback and rating
  • Reduce the load on the contact center
  • No software download
  • Cost savings
  • Ensuring that your customers make an informed decision
  • Co-browsing
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Why Millennium’s unified customer engagement platform

  • Get a place to view all interactions with the customer, maintained in a sequence of their journey
  • Engage with a customer with channel of their choice
  • Set services as per your need, data security, adaptation requirements, along interactive capabilities
  • Match future compliance requirements in your existing subscription 
  • Customised and economical rate 
  • Maintenance and implementation will be covered
  • Free upgrades

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