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Mobile Forensics
Law enforcement agencies such as Police Department needs to analyze the calls made by a suspect or a group of suspects using mobile phone. By analyzing these calls, analysts and detectives get valuable clues to solve a crime.

Mobile Forensics Software helps detectives and law enforcement agencies to analyze the huge volume of phone call data and generate meaningful information from it. This software presents information in way that helps forensic analysts to visualize the information and arrive at a conclusion quickly. Our software has proven accuracy with several forensic and police departments.

Mobile Forensics Process Flow
Helps analysts and detectives to zero-in on the suspect.
Saves analysis time by automating the repeated tasks.
Implements intelligent algorithms to find out deviation from the suspect’s regular call pattern.
Data can be uploaded into the system directly from the MSP provided excel sheets.
Displays results in graphical form for better visualization.
Provides geographical analysis.
Special features to identify group of suspects and group leaders.
Suspect data once captured is visible to all cases.
Advanced search capabilities to find what a analyst need.

Various Modules
User Login User Administration Suspect Master Entry
User Master Entry Case Master Entry Service Provider Master
Group Master Entry Crime Nature Master Entry Call Details Analysis
Tower Master Entry Call Details Data Upload Time based Analysis
Group Leader Identification No. of Calls Analysis Call Route Tracing
Fixed Interval Tower based Call Graph
General Queries Consolidated Call Details    


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