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Quality Assurance Consulting & Advisory Services
A discipline we follow to systematically monitor and evaluate various quality dimensions in any IT Project.

Software Testing
Millennium understands that well established quality control activities and systems are crucial in assuring customers that the services they receive meet their needs. This is the foundation on which all software quality assurance models are based. Millennium’s software testing services are flexible, cost-effective and guaranteed... read more

Advanced Software Testing Services
In Millennium we go much further beyond conventional forms of functional testing and root cause analysis. We help our clients to identify reasons for application instability, memory leaks, database issues, application crashing, specific application errors and poor application performance.... read more

Cloud Performance Testing

Enterprises are now moving their applications towards the Cloud environment. Weensure a 100% seamless integration with cloud transformation for our clients. Millennium collaborate the on-demandcloud services with our experienced resources pool for executing the Cloud Performance Test for our clients.... read more

Security Testing
Millennium’s Penetration Testing team focuses on total coverage of the entire spectrum of threat areas. Our framework helps organizations identify, notify, and respond to various incidents, policy violations and network intrusions in a systematic manner. Millennium’s robust penetration testing service provides... read more

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" Quality Assurance Consulting & Advisory Services’s unique differentiator is the advanced testing tools and processes that we use in our testing methodology.
Jacob Mathew
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