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Geo-Sense is an enterprise GIS solution. It is an web based geographic information system. It is designed to help management and decision makers to geographically visualize various data related to their operations/branches across the globe.

Highlighting of data - supports highlighting multiple data types such as numeric, text and boolean.
Provide dynamic map with zoom and slide feature.
Click-to-zoom feature provides detailed data about the selected marker on the map.
Easy upload of data- data can be uploaded using excel files. Geo-sense supports 'n' number of columns in the excel file.
Data Highlighting
Support for highlighting multiple data types
  • Numeric Highlight - Highlight data and map markers based on the 5 levels of numeric values. Supports threshold values.
  • Text Highlight - Highlight data and color map markers based on text values. Option to select one or more text value.
  • Boolean (Yes/No) Highlight - display of different colored markers for Yes and No values
Easy Data Upload
Data upload cannot be more easier. You just need to upload an excel sheet. You can choose from any data column, be it numeric, text or boolean (yes/no). Data can be grouped based on various values. Uploaded data is shown in different colors in a grid. Map markers are also shown in different colors to differentiate between various groups.


  • Web Based
  • Dynamic Map
  • Multiple Color Markers
  • Freedom to Choose Data
  • Use State-of-the Art Technology
  • Connects to the World's Best Geographic Data Provider
  • Displays only relevant information
What you can do?
  • Locate your branches and highlight them based on the revenue or profit/loss.
  • Locate Regional Manager's branches on the map and highlight them based on the sales.
  • Choose which local office should be allocated to which IT manager.
  • And the possibilities are endless...