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Electronic Interactive Solution
Our green initiative to save trees and encourage cost savings through paper suppression.

Accelerating Towards Green Technology
Preserving nature’s eco-systems are critical for the sustenance of several life forms that are depended on it. Numerous eco-systems are being depleted by humans due to massive urbanization, afforestation and extreme commercialization... read more

EIS Offerings

Push email delivery of secure e-communication have gained much grounds over pull organization portals in the recent years. Only a small fraction of the users gets attracted to pull portals; moreover, customers continue to keep their paper... read more

EIS Interactive Solution
EIS Interactive functionality involves generating LIVE PDFs for end users to communicate back to the sender via the same PDF. Interactive feature is highly recommended for clients whose businesses manage collecting paper based... read more

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All our Green Technology Partners enjoy the privilege of making an impact on the environment by saving trees and on the corporate bottom line through significant cost savings.
Marc Durant
Senior Principal
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