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Generally random, path-oriented, or goal-oriented approaches are adopted to perform data analysis from data mining. When tests are commissioned with these approaches, they are normally specification based and design based. These methods are used either manually or part manually and part with computation. However these are expensive and their reliability is highly questionable. The best option is to implement intelligent techniques of automated test generation which relies on complex computations to identify the required data.

ATTEST is an innovative product from Millennium, designed to empower data for analysis and mining. It helps users create their own set of routines to generate the test for further execution in order to provide a set of valuable information. ATTEST provides the user a sophisticated method of AUTOMATIC TEST GENERATION capability that ensures data is analyzed with respect to the users' choice of independent routine creations. ATTEST is developed with high-end Microsoft development methodology and process which makes it a unique tool in its class for powerful interpretation for data analysis.

ATTEST is extensively used in fraud investigation and by Financial Statement Auditors with limited IT skills. It is used for data analysis, to systematically apply statistical and logical techniques to describe, summarize, and compare data.

Performs data analyses.
Detects trends and anomalies in the data.
Identifies exceptions.
Checks calculations.
Generates reports in Excel.
Tests for gaps and duplicates in data.
Helps identify current or future problems and opportunities.
Requires no IT expertise to create routines.