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Software Testing
Millennium understands that well established quality control activities and systems are crucial in assuring customers that the services they receive meet their needs. This is the foundation on which all software quality assurance models are based. Millennium’s software testing services are flexible, cost-effective and guaranteed to meet our customers’ demands of time and quality. Our testing procedures encompass all activities, including design, development, production, installation, servicing and documentation.

Our Quality Assurance team is trained and equipped to evaluate test applications manually or by using automated test tools. Outsourcing testing to a specialist allows you to mitigate seemingly critical risks to your business. It also gives you the following advantages:
Functional coverage in testing
Potential cost benefits from implementing a global delivery model in testing (onsite/offshore)
Objectivity, rigour and transparency in test execution and reporting
Realistic estimation of test efforts
Benefits of proven best practices and superior testing processes and methodologies
Productivity gains from appropriate test automation and deployment of trained testers
Considerable reduction in business users' time and involvement

Our clients in the United States benefit from the time difference between the US and India. The completed work sent for testing at the end of a business day in the US are downloaded and tested by our offshore testing team in India. The programming team in US can view the results of the testing when they login to their systems the next morning.

Manual Testing
We believe that each project is unique in its characteristics and challenges. The automatic tools available may not necessarily have the capacity to perform thorough testing of product competencies. For this reason, we create specialized teams for each project. Our highly experienced project specialists evaluate each project on its specific merits and expectations.

Our Quality Assurance Activities
  • Project documents
  • Software from the client
  • Build Test plan
  • Design Test cases
  • Execute Tests
  • Identify Bugs
  • Retest fixed Build
  • Assure Quality
  • Test matrix
  • Test Document
  • Bug reports and Certification
Our Quality Assurance Modules
Black box testing Functional testing Acceptance testing
White box testing Load testing Recovery testing
Unit testing End-to-end testing Stress testing
System testing Sanity testing Performance testing
Integration testing Regression testing Usability testing
Comparison testing Beta testing Alpha testing
Security testing Install/Uninstall testing Acceptance testing

Automated Testing
Automated testing plays a critical role in software development projects. Our tools for automated testing complement the conditions for manual testing required by your developers and QA department.

Quality Assurance Consulting & Advisory Services Automation Testing Tools:
HP Quick Test Professional
Borland Silk Test
IBM Rational Robot
IBM Rational Functional Tester
Load Runner

Millennium's test process comprises a number of distinct activities, as illustrated in the following image.

The below diagram shows how millennium uses testing tools in the software development life cycle.


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